Principles and concrete mixing equipment constitutes concrete mixing equipment is composed of a variety of materials to the concrete by a certain percentage of ingredients, and then follow a certain process mixing and stirring, and finally produce a device with certain properties of concrete. Although specific forms of the various manufacturers produce a variety of concrete 2013 hot sale js750 harga concrete mixer mixing station, but its basic form and composition of the structures are similar. Now popular mixing station is basically a computer as the core control, the control of various materials Automatic batching, automatic upgrade, stirring and the material, some of which had statistics, report printing and other auxiliary functions. Points from the function, a variety of concrete mixing station generally consists of the following components: 1, storage silos: Storage sand, stone, cement, water and other materials, to feed batching mechanism; 2, ingredients institutions: measured according to a certain proportion sand and other materials, mainly composed by a variety of scales, also used by the metered volume flow measurement devices; 3, lifting mechanism: mainly used to enhance Aggregates; 4, mixers: various raw materials for mixing, and finally form concrete; 5, the control system: control various parts of coordination, the completion of certain production processes. Familiar with the features and performance to operate the various components of the mixing station to work performance and functioning of the mixing station to be operated to achieve gains in order to correct operation and use, when problems arise, in order to timely identify and exclude . Understanding the various components of the operation principle of the device, charge volume 1200l js750 concrete mixer to master the use of state of the equipment maintenance and maintenance of the extent and equipment. For example in good condition compressor working pressure range, batching machine belt deviation situation. Only on the condition of the equipment be aware, in order to make the production of security and stability. Specific knowledge described in the operating instructions inside. > Performance Measurement Whether aggregate, powder or agent of weighing, its weighing, control, signal conversion element, are using imported components, high-precision sensors, imported computer control, each individual weighing scales (or cumulative weighing) completely and ensure stable and accurate performance measurement. > Weighing system Cement, fly ash and other powder by the screw conveyor to a weighing hopper metering hopper discharge valve imported Italian, sealed tight, reliable action. Water and liquid additive with pneumatic butterfly valves and ball control, seal tightly, and prompt action to ensure the weighing accuracy. Pressurized water into the mixer through the booster injection, the water mixed with spices faster and more thorough cleaning. > Stirring Main: > Stirring Main H beam as a main beam, structural stability solid, vibration and strong. Building of cable and pipe arrangement using special wiring groove, clean and beautiful but also help protect the cable outer seal using pressure-type color plate, nice. Needed insulation layer can be added to accommodate the cold northern weather. > Delivery device It may be provided with three to five portable twin shaft electric concrete mixer aggregate storage, the lower aggregate positions for individual and aggregate aggregate weighing hopper release belt as required. With a loader or belt conveyor to aggregate feed bin. Steel silo can be designed. The lower part of a small warehouse Optional less moisture meter. Aggregate enhance inclined belt conveyor is responsible for the transition to aggregate storage silo, inclined belt tension using a heavy hammer, reliable transmission angle ≤18 °, may also be herringbone or troughed belt or bucket elevator on material, in order to reduce the area.